A West Bengal Government Aided, Christian Minority Degree College, Affiliated to North Bengal University and Recognized by UGC Under Section 2(f) and 12(B). ACCREDITED BY NAAC WITH GRADE 'B+' (CYCLE 1)
Grievance Redressal CommitteeGrievance Redressal Committee

Grievance & RedressalCommittee


  1. The objective of the Grievance and Redressal Committee is to develop a responsive attitude among all the stake holders in order to maintain a harmonious and congenial educational atmosphere in the college.
  2. Upholding the dignity of the college, the committee encourages the students to express their grievances or problems frankly or without any fear of being victimized.
  3. Grievance box is installed in the college campus in which any anonymous student can put in writing the grievances as well as the suggestions for the improvement of academic/management in the college.
  4. The committee gives an expert advice whenever needed in relation to the grievances received from them and refrains the students from inciting hatred against any other student, any teacher and college administration.
  5. The committee strictly prohibits ragging in any form in and outside the information. Any such reported complaint should be urgently brought to the notice of the principal as well as the anti-ragging committee.
  6. Academic matters related to examination, library, hostel and other matters such as sanitation canteen, victimization in any form, etc should be reported directly to the Principal through the Grievance and Redressal Committee.


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