A West Bengal Government Aided, Christian Minority Degree College, Affiliated to North Bengal University and Recognized by UGC Under Section 2(f) and 12(B). ACCREDITED BY NAAC WITH GRADE 'B+' (CYCLE 1)
Institutional DistinctivenessInstitutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness:Empowerment through women’s education

Promotion of Women’s Education with special emphasis on Gender Equity

Out of the very seedbed of patriarchy, Cluny Women’s College, as an institution, is striving to promote women’s education and see the women flower by offering an equal outcome making use of the same resources and opportunities that erstwhile were preserved only for their male counterparts. The journey was never mistaken to be an easy one. It still continues to be challenging even in the foreseeable future. However, discipline, dogged tenacity, picking up responsible acts, empowerment through awareness- social, cultural, religious or economic and penetrating into the weaker and underprivileged sections of the society are the mottos and beliefs of this institution. It also aims at all-round development of the students in a sustained process where the students shall develop into an enlightened being exercising responsible freedom. The students, in collaboration with the other stakeholders, are relentlessly working on their strength, competence and effectiveness while being aware of their limitations and shortcomings, and getting ready for the opportunities as well as challenges to be met in the future. Well-equipped library, technologically enabled inclusive infrastructure, academic flexibility, add on courses, field trips, independent studies are there to help the students and prepare them for the professional world. The institution is well aware of the students coming from different backgrounds and with varied abilities. Hence a healthy mentor-mentee relationship caters to the diverse needs of the students. The teachers follow a learner-centred and inclusive approach like remedial classes, departmental seminars, debates and workshops.


Cluny Women’s College was a dream project and was established by the Society of the Sisters of St. joseph of Cluny in 1998. The services rendered to the cause of women education by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in the hills have been unparalleled. Such a sustained and persistent endeavour in the field of education has not only opened new vistas of knowledge but has been successfully producing an educated leadership of women in our society. The college is a living example of the cherished words of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, founder, Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, “to do a little good”. The institution carries in its heart the legacy of the sustainable education for women, through the values the society cherishes, the convictions it maintains and hardships it willingly undertakes. Above all the care, love and passion for the students remain a perpetual source of inspiration.

“When women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”-Michelle Obama.

The institution deems it fit that the values of dignity, justice, forgiveness and compassion accentuate the causes of women education. It also aims to become a centre of excellence through students with sound intellectual calibre. That women should be absorbed in the main stream job market is beyond question and the institution intends to initiate more job oriented /vocational programmes in the future. Some of the ways which can really cater to the needs as well as women’s inclusion in the mainstream are as follows.

  1. Strengthening industry academia interface.
  2. Qualitative research and practical implementation of learning.
  3. Incorporating multiple avenues of teaching learning interface since the pandemic.
  4. Encouraging community development programmes.
  5. Proper blend of skill enhancement and academics.
  6. Become a conscious and empowered community by developing attitudes of respect and responsibility.

The institution not only encourages inclusive learning but also sees that the practices are substantialised through the following programmes.

  1. Sensitization programmes
  2. Participation of women in extension activities
  3. Safety and security mechanisms
  4. Counselling
  5. Scholarship and financial support
  6. Career Counselling and Guidance

Sensitization Programme:

  1. The institution celebrates International Women’s Day every year in due manner.
  2. Seminars focussing on the themes related to the rights of women are conducted by different departments of the institution at regular intervals.
  3. The students are made aware of the contributions and achievements of renowned women in different spheres of life.
  4. Women personalities of and around Kalimpong district are occasionally invited to the college to address the students on different issues related to women.

Snapshots of such initiatives are given below:

  1. Ms. Roma Tamang, the Principal of Pranami P.B.V.M., and the Life Member of A.I.W.C., Red Cross Society and Citizen’s Rights Forum, delivered a talk, organized by the Women’s Cell of the college, on the pertinent issue of Women Trafficking on 19/11/2017.
  2. The Women’s Cell of the college invited Dr. Anusha Subba, Physician of Singtam District Hospital, Sikkim, to address the students on Women Health and Nutrition on 17/09/2019.
  3. Ms. R. Vimla, the Hon’ble District Magistrate of Kalimpong, was invited as the Chief Guest at the National Seminar on ‘Myths, Rituals and Everyday Life’, organised by the Department of Sociology on 22/11/2019. Her motivational speech was cheered by one and all present in the programme.
  4. Mrs. Doma Sherpa, the Honb’le District Judge of Kalimpong, graced the occasion of the Annual Cultural Fest of the college, Cluny Kaleidoscope and the Graduation Ceremony, as the Chief Guest on 07/03/2020. Her presence and speech proved to be a motivation booster for the students.
  5. During the lockdown, the Women’s Cell of the college organized an online programme on 16/10/2020 where Mrs. Ekta Mukhia, the Advocate of Kalimpong District Court and the Practitioner in the field of Litigation in Kolkata High Court, delivered a talk on ‘The Legal Rights and Protection for Women’.
  6. On 17/10/2020, the Department of Geography organized a National Webinar on ‘Women, Environment and Sustainable Development’. Dr. Purnima Devi Barman, the eminent Wildlife Biologist, Aranyak, the Director of Women in Nature Network (WINN), India, 2017 Green Oscar winner and Nari Shakti awardee, was the Guest Speaker and Prof. Sushma Rohatgi, Department of Geography and Applied Geography, University of North Bengal, was the other speaker in the webinar.
  7. On 05/03/2021, Dr. Prerna Chettri, Associate Consultant, Department of Cardiology, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, delivered a talk titled ‘Take Care of Your Heart! Take Care of Your Heart!’ in an online programme organized by the Women’s Cell of the college.
  8. On 12/05/20222 Mrs. Ringila Sherpa, the Deputy Director, District Employment Exchange, Kalimpong, Labour Department, Government of West Bengal, addressed the students of the college on the prospects of govt. jobs in West Bengal. She made the students aware of the different aspects of the preparation for the government jobs.

Participation of Women in Extension Activities:

  1. There is an NSS unit in the college which involves the students in different extension programmes and outreach programmes.

Safety and Security:

The institution has taken the following initiatives to ensure the safety and security of the students in the college campus and the hostel:

  1. Security guard posted at the main entrance of the college.
  2. CCTV surveillance system in the college as well as in the hostel.
  3. Establishment of the Women’s Cell to deal with various issues related to women.
  4. Establishment of an Internal Complaints Committee which has been converted to Grievance Redressal Cell in compliance with the UGC Regulation 2015 (prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions).

Counselling / Mentor-Mentee:

  1. The Women’s Cell of the college provides necessary mental and psychological assistance to the students.
  2. In the post-Covid period the college has established Covid Counselling Cell to provide psychological support to the students in general and covid-survivors in particular.
  3. The Covid Counselling Cell post Covid has been converted into the Mentor-Mentee/ Counselling Cell.

Scholarships and Financial Support:

  1. The institution facilitates the students to avail several State and Central scholarship schemes.
  2. The institution also offers freeship to the meritorious students from the weaker sections of the society.

Career Counselling and Guidance:

  1. The institution offers an add-on programme called COP (Career Oriented Programme) to all the students with an objective to provide guidance to meet the challenges of the job market.
  2. The institution also conducts workshops and takes initiative to build a relationship with outer agencies in this regard.