A West Bengal Government Aided, Christian Minority Degree College, Affiliated to North Bengal University and Recognized by UGC Under Section 2(f) and 12(B). ACCREDITED BY NAAC WITH GRADE 'B+' (CYCLE 1)
Guidlines To StudentGuidlines To Student

General Guidelines toSTUDENTS

  • College class hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the College campus.
  • Students who have completed classes or have free periods may not leave the College campus before 2:00 pm without written authorization. Exceptions always arise, so each student is free to approach the concerned authority.
  • English will be spoken at all times in the College premises.
  • Free time in the college is meant to be used wisely and maturely.
  • Students are expected to use the library daily for growth in knowledge and research.
  • In the (CBCS)semester system, the Under- Graduate Examination will be held in six parts-                       
    • The first and second semester for the first year students,
    • The third and fourth semester for the second year students
    • And the fifth and sixth semester for the third year students respectively. The academic session including the examinations for first, third and fifth semester are July to December and that for second, fourth and sixth semester are January to June. A student will have, at the most, five years or ten semesters to complete the course. A candidate to be eligible for appearing at any of the semesters of UNDER-GRADUATE Examination must have minimum 75% attendance of lectures delivered. Award of 05 (five) marks on class attendance shall be given in the following manner:
      Attendance of 75% and above but below 80% - 02 marks
      Attendance of 80% and above but below 85% - 03 marks
      Attendance of 85% and above but below 90% - 04 marks
      Attendance of 90% and above   - 05marks
  • College Selection /Pre-board examinations are compulsory and necessary before students sit for University Examinations. A student who does not achieve the required standard in these examinations will have the option to repeat the class or leave the college.
  • Pupils are themselves responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings.
  • The College is not responsible for any pupil before and after College hours.
  • In case of withdrawal from the College, the administration must be informed and fee must be cleared.
  • Any damage done to College property must be replaced or paid for by the pupil concerned.
  • Pupils who show a lack of respect, who neglect studies, damage the good name of the College, or fail in any way to keep the College rules are liable to be dismissed with or without notice.
  • Our College discipline is kind but necessarily firm. Parents/guardians are expected to accept, respect and abide by the disciplinary measures taken by the College.
  • Students should focus to keep their classroom / College premises as clean as possible.
  • The College reserves the right to suspend or take strict disciplinary action or in extreme cases expel a student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • Students involved in substance abuse will be expelled from the College.
  • Misuse of social networking (posting comment and pictures in Facebook, hike messenger, whatsapp, sms, mms) which discredit the name of the institute, staff and students proves disloyalty to the College and hence will be asked to discontinue her studies in Cluny Women’s College.
  • Students are not permitted to carry and use mobile phone, Ipod, tabs etc. in the College premises. Once confiscated these will not be returned to the students and a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be charged.
  • Chewing gum in the College premises is prohibited.
  • Inquiry, Grievance and Redressal Cell: students at times may not be able to express their problems freely. At Cluny Women’s College we earnestly want to offer a helping hand to a faltering sister. We encourage our students to tap the riches of our Cluny College family to use the inquiry Box and await our reply. Each week the box will be opened and problems attended to.
  • Healthy Practices: the college invites students’ feedback and provides them with guidance and counseling.
  • Extra –curricular Activities such as seminars, debates, cultural activities, N.S.S. programs etc. are conducted from time to time and students are expected to participate actively.
  • Attendance of students in college functions is a must and uniform Sari should be worn in such functions and special occasions.
  • Dress code of Kurta with sleeve and Patiala pyjama with chunni is the regular attire of all students.
  • Students must compulsorily be present on the first day of opening of the college after vacations and on the last day before commencement of vacations.
  • As per University Grants Commission Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009 [under section 26[1][g] of the University Grants Commission act 1956, ragging is strictly prohibited in this college. Anyone found guilty will be liable to punishment. The Anti-Ragging squad of the institution will observe and maintain necessary discipline in classrooms.
  • Quarterly fees must be paid within the stipulated dates to avoid paying fine. University Examination fees must be paid before filling up of University Examination forms failing which the admit cards of students will not be issued. Fee receipts are important documents and must be preserved by each student and produced when required by the office.